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Fit3D Full Body
Image Scanner

Channels of Wellness is proud to present our Fit3D Full Body Image Scanner. This revolutionary technology provides you with a detailed representation of your core measurements and body metrics. 

The scan takes less than 30 seconds and the detailed report is ready in under 3 minutes. 

Ideal to track your weight loss and general wellness journey. 

Fit3d Avatar chart


The 3dFit technology uses a sophisticated series of cameras and a rotating base to take thousands of photos and then creates a 3D rendering also know as a Avatar of your body.

This Avatar can then be time stamped and compared to past or future Avatars

Fit3d body composition chart


Your body composition is tabulated using state of the art sensors, this would include your percentage of body fat, weight, fat mass and lean mass. Your key circumference measurements will also be calculated allowing you to target your weight loss journey towards specific areas of interest. 

Fit3d health score chart


The team at 3dFit in partnership with leading North American Universities have developed an industry leading bench mark for your overall health. This Health Score metric is based on your body shape, which is directly inversely proportional to the visceral fat.

Fit3d posture diagram


The Fit3D scanner also provides a detail record of your overall posture and balance, as you progress during your wellness journey, maintain the proper posture is paramount.

Fit3d BMR chart


The BMR also know as the Bsal Metabolic Rate, shows how many calories you burn during the resting state. 

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